Travel Agencies & Partner Agents

To sign-up as a Partner Agent, please write us an e-mail at

  • On the subject line add your country and city followed by your company’s name and “partner request” - “India, Delhi - Great Travel Agency - Partner request“
  • Fill out and return our self-disclosure form
  • Attach your official Business Incorporation Certificate/GSTIN

We will provide you with all the necessary information and assistance to start selling our tickets.

Travel offices and agencies – our local distributors

Become an Official Partner Agent today!

Through our collaboration with Partner Agents, we offer our customers maximum flexibility by enabling personalized ticket bookings in their local area. Our partners are featured on our Salespoint map, making it easy for customers to locate the nearest ticket outlet options in their geographical vicinity. To learn more, please refer to our Agency Presentation.

For further information, please contact our Sales team.

Partner with Flix for a transparent and fair commission!

Our partnership is seamless: Partner Agents have direct access to Flix through a dedicated "Partner Agent login" space. As an offline shop, you will assist customers in purchasing tickets in person, selecting bus connections, and delivering tickets either in print or electronically. The transaction process is smooth, with payments and commissions handled through our integrated system.

With our attractive commission model, we ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for Partner Agents.

Flix is renowned for its transparent and fair ticket prices and commissions. Furthermore, you have the option to create travel packages by combining our affordable bus journeys with flights or hotel bookings using our tickets.