Seat Reservations

Want to sit next to your friends or family? Or travel in the most convenient way possible? Then reserve the seat of your choice during the booking process, free of charge for selected seats for trips inside India. There are different seats to your needs.

Seats for Women

  • The seat next to a solo-traveler woman will be automatically reserved for another woman
  • Enjoy the trip with extra safety!


Sleeper Seat

  • Some lines offer sleeper seats, or beds, where you have a full area to relax or sleep during your trip
  • Enjoy extra space and comfort

How can I reserve a seat?

1. If seat reservation is possible on your desired trip, you will be able to reserve a seat in the booking process.

2. To do so, click the "Seat Reservation" field.

3. Check the seat map and select your preferred seat. Seats marked with an X cannot be reserved.

4. The fee for reserving a seat depends on the type of seat chosen and the distance of your trip. You can find all of our prices for seat reservations here.

5. Continue with the booking and find your selected seat number on your booking confirmation.

6. In the bus, your seat number will be indicated at the respective seat.

The images only serve as illustration. The actual fees can vary and depend on the respective trip.

Find answers to some frequently asked questions below:

Can I reserve seats for my trip? Where can I sit?

It goes without saying that you will always get a seat on our buses.

In general, you will be able to book a seat at every purchase free of charges or for a small fee according to the type of seat chosen. For certain buses, it might be that we do not offer seat reservations. Please check your ticket for your seat reservation. If you have not reserved a seat, but have been assigned a seat on your ticket, please sit in this seat.

How do I recognize my seat on the bus?

If you have reserved a specific seat, you will find your seat number on your ticket. Buses that allow seat reservations will indicate the seat numbers at the respective seat.

If you have not reserved a seat, but have been assigned a seat on your ticket, please sit in the indicated seat.

Adding, changing, and cancelling seat reservations

You may make a reservation only while booking. At this time, you may not add a seat to your booking after the ticket has been booked. If you would like to cancel or change your seat, please click here.


Reserved seats are not assigned to certain persons in your booking. Each group member is free to choose their own seat.