About Flix

Green, smart mobility from FlixBus and FlixTrain

Flix is a global mobility provider which, since 2013, has been changing the way millions of people worldwide are traveling, under the FlixBus brand, and more recently also with FlixTrain. As a unique combination of a tech start-up, an e-commerce company, and a classic transport operator, with FlixBus we have become the market leader in many different regions and within a very short time, we have created Europe’s largest long-distance bus network. With FlixTrain, since 2018 we have also been offering a constantly growing range of train connections and intermodal travel options

Our vision is to make it possible for everyone who wants to discover the world to enjoy smart, sustainable mobility. Ease of booking and an ever-growing offering means that we provide millions of travelers with a comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly travel experience. The green long-distance buses and long-distance trains meet the highest standards of comfort, safety and environmental protection, and offer a green alternative to private transport. 

FlixTravel Experience – Our model for success

Our success is based on a business model which is one-of-a-kind internationally by digitalizing traditional means of transport like bus and rail. The Flix team takes care of technology development, network planning, operations management, marketing & sales, quality management, and continuous product expansion

When we operate our FlixBus network, we rely on close partnership with traditional medium-sized companies: regional bus partners – these are often family businesses with decades of experience – are responsible for the green FlixBus fleet. When operating our FlixTrain long-distance trains, we cooperate with the most successful private train operators in Europe. Innovation, a start-up mindset and a strong, international brand meet quality born out of tradition. In the USA, the Greyhound Bus network on one hand and the routes covered by FlixBus US on the other provide travelers with a US-wide service. At FlixTrain, we work with partners who are operating green trains in Germany and Sweden.

With technology innovations such as a pioneering booking and ticketing system, the FlixBus app, free Wifi and GPS live tracking, and automated punctuality management, we are making a new way of traveling possible. Smart grid planning and dynamic price management mean we can give our customers the best possible offering. 

The Flix story: From German start-up to Number 1 in Europe

Flix started as the FlixBus start-up, founded by the three young entrepreneurs Jochen Engert, André Schwämmlein and Daniel Krauss in Munich, out of the desire to make sustainable travel both comfortable and affordable. When the German railway monopoly ended in 2013, FlixBus won through against major international corporations and is now the clear market leader – and not just in Germany.

Since 2015, Flix has also been gaining ground internationally. There are long-distance bus networks in France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Croatia, as well as regular cross-border service to Norway, Spain and England. Flix is now operating in 40+ countries including USA and South America. Today, travelers benefit from Europe’s largest range of long-distance buses and new intermodal travel options. Behind the green long-distance bus provider, there is an international team of over 5,500 employees at over 25 locations in Munich, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Zagreb, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Prague, Budapest, Los Angeles, Bucharest, Madrid and Warsaw, and Gurugram among others, as well as the thousands of staff who work for our bus and train partners across Europe. Every individual makes a contribution to making green mobility even better every day.

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Andre Schwämmlein, Co-Founder and CEO

Andre Schwämmlein, Co-Founder and CEO

André Schwämmlein is Flix's co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. His profound commitment to alternative mobility concepts led him to discuss the possibilities of a liberalized mobility concept with his co-founders in the course of his consulting activities at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2009, and he subsequently founded Flix in 2013. As the Flix CEO, André Schwämmlein is responsible for the company's operational management and global development. Under his leadership, Flix has grown into a clear market leader and has expanded into numerous countries. He is also a member of the supervisory boards of Scout24 SE and About You Holding SE.

Daniel Krauss, Co-Founder and CIO

Daniel Krauss, Co-Founder and CIO

Daniel Krauss is Chief Information Officer at Flix, where he manages the areas of technology, HR development and customer service. Working in collaboration with his co-founders, he was keen to give up his long-standing job at Microsoft to build and continue the development of Europe’s largest long-distance bus provider. Krauss is also an investor and a member of different advisory boards including powercloud, Cloudflight and uvex. His commitment to education, entrepreneurship, and strong innovative is demonstrated by his lectureship at Friedrich Alexander University and his role as a founding partner of the FightBack initiative, which promotes the shift to a more sustainable society. He is also an active shareholder in Germany’s largest entrepreneurial education NGO, the start-up called Teens

Christoph Debus, CFO

Christoph Debus, CFO

In early March 2022, Christoph Debus took over the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In his post, he is responsible for all the company's financial and legal functions. Christoph Debus is an expert in the mobility industry and has worked in a number of interdisciplinary positions in the capital market which go beyond traditional CFO activities. Prior to this post he was the CEO of Thomas Cook Group Airlines and, most recently, CFO of Condor, where he successfully restructured the company.