Safety on board

Travel safely throughout India with FlixBus

Buses are among the safest modes of transport on the road. The increasing investment in India's highways allows more routes and a safer, more comfortable journey. As getting you to your destination safely is our main priority, our modern green buses meet the highest safety standards and our FlixBus drivers are trained using the latest methods. All semi-sleeper buses have seat belts installed on them, and we strongly advise all passengers to use them all the time while seated. Additionally, our buses are equipped with GPS live update tracking system, so that you can travel with more piece of mind.
We offer extra comfort for women traveling alone, through our exclusive seat mapping that allows only women to sit next to another woman. Choose your desired bus travel from our extensive route network and experience traveling through India by one of the safest means of transport today. Our route network will give you an overview of our bus routes across India and the rest of the world.

Our FlixBus drivers will get you there safely - day and night

Our drivers will drop you off at your destination safely. All of our drivers and hosts are fully trained and have regular safety training, meaning they are always prepared for any traffic and travel problems that may occur. The drivers on these trips are also specially trained for overnight operations. Even if your bus journey is one of our longer connections, safety will always be our and our drivers' main priority. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip!